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10 Best Beaches in Goa You Must Visit: Photos and Expert Travel Guide


Goa Beaches to visit

Not so surprisingly, Goa is on everybody’s travel list thanks to its pristine beaches, party scenes and its party vibe. Not only is it fancied by Indians as the place to go and have fun but Goa is also a destination where foreigners want to travel.


Superb sea food and inexpensive alcohol also add on to its charm. It is hard to have a dull moment in one of the most travelled states of India as soaking in sun on its famed beaches is an experience worth every penny. Here is a list of Top 10 beaches in Goa.

1. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach south Goa India pic

Arguably the most famous beach in south Goa, Palolem Beach is best enjoyed by people who want to experience a Goa shore but also want it to be a little less crowded and more peaceful. The beach is quaint yet happening so if you are fed up of the beaches in the north, this is the first place you should visit.

Attractions and Activities: Silent noise party and dolphin spotting.


2. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach great photo

This is the first popular beach you will come across if you are coming into the state from the north. Over the years, Arambol has gotten crowded but this beach has a wonderful party vibe as well. The beach has some great shacks so enjoying good food here won’t be a problem.

Attractions and Activities: Sweetwater lake and food.


3. Cola Beach

Cola Beach south Goa pic

What south Goa beaches will always give you is tranquillity and exquisite locales. Along with it being secluded and unspoiled, it is just a wonderful experience of being there. It is a little tricky to find your way to the beach but it is totally worth it.

Attractions and Activities: Has a lagoon and is serene.


4. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach north Goa photo

Anjuna is one of the most popular sea beaches among foreigners due to the night parties along the secluded part of the beach. The beach has some great eating joints along with some good music.

Attractions and Activities: Flea Market and Late Night Parties


5. Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach Goa India pic

Patnem Beach is the quietest among the popular beaches but it still has a lively atmosphere. It is not too far from Palolem and is a place worth visiting. With regards to food and restaurants it provides all the variety you would wish far.

Attractions and Activities: Yoga retreats and scuba diving


6. Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach Goa photo

Attractions and Activities: Clean shores and not-so-crowded shacks.


7. Ashvem Beach

Ashvem Beach Goa pic

Ashvem Beach has a stunning scenery and the visitors here have an option of staying at low-cost huts or the upscale beach resorts on this quiet and relaxed beach which is certainly enjoyable.

Attractions and Activities: Magnificent view


8. Vagator Beach

Shiva face stone at Vagator Beach

Vagator does not have shacks like the other popular beaches in Goa but is still one of the most visited ones. One of the reasons being its close proximity to Chapora Fort where the famed Hindi movie Dil Chahta Hai’s iconic scene was shot. Vagator also hosts a stone on which Lord Shiva’s face is carved which is also worth looking at.

Attractions and Activities: It’s near the Chapora Fort and A Stone Carved With Lord Shiva’s Face.


9. Majorda Beach

Majorda is one of the few beaches in India that has white sand. The beach is beautiful and is also very clean and like most of the beaches in south Goa, very peaceful.

Attractions and Activities: White Sand Beach


10. Candolim Beach

Candolim is often considered by many as the best beach in north Goa due to a good number of beachside bars and electric atmosphere. It is also a good place to take a dip in the water. Candolim is neither too crowded nor too secluded which makes it an ideal beach to visit.

Attractions and Activities: A good sunset view and ideal for large groups.


Most Common Beaches:

11. Baga and Calangute Beach

These are two different beaches which are favoured by a large number of Indian tourists. They are adjacent to each other and have a variety of water sports for the tourists. Baga and Calangute are the most populated beaches in Goa as well. Baga is also known for its late night parties along with more than a few joints which are open till late at night.

Attractions and Activities: Late night parties and a huge number of shacks.