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10 Travel Tips and Essential Items for Every Solo Female Traveller


Women and travel make a wonderful combination. The pleasure of travelling solo and enjoying solitude is something which everyone craves for. If you are the sort of a person who recharges her batteries by treading on to rustic and off the beaten tracks, you might know how easy and tough travelling can become.


Girls know for a fact that planned trips never really work. And even if they do, the last moment rush is always a headache. So how about skimming through a few handy travel essentials and tips which every girl traveller should carry all the time. After all, which woman wouldn’t like to be her own boss!


1. Always carry a road map in addition to your mobile GPS

Foreign girl reading road map
Reading road maps will make things much easy

If you’re planning for a road trip, don’t entirely depend on your mobile’s GPS. Before getting started, ensure that you carry a physical road map of the place you are visiting. It will not only save you from draining battery issues but will also enhance your geographical vocabulary. Sometimes, old school fundamentals work better!


2. When in Rome, dress as the Romans do

Chinese girl locally dressed
When in Rome, dress like Romans

Remember, you are stepping out in a complete zone of strangers where you might bump into some interesting or weird stuff at the same time. Try dressing as per local cultural traditions of the place so that you don’t overstep any cultural boundaries of offend anyone. It will give you all the more reasons to enjoy the vibes of your surroundings.


3. Never forget to carry a selfie stick

Young woman in blue jacket taking selfie
Remember, you are the creator of your own memories

Don’t let your loneliness play a spoilsport on your trip. You would not want to beg others to capture your moments. Let the wanderlust photographer in you take the lead. Go ahead, make your own travel frames.


4. Pick only long-lasting makeup goodies

Red lipstick and mascara
A handful of makeup essentials will make your bag lighter

If you love applying makeup, make sure that you carry only your long-lasting and waterproof makeup goodies in a small bag which is easy to be carried around. Avoid packing too many accessories or cosmetics in your kitty. You’re going some place to experience something new, not be a part of a fashion parade!


5. Give comfort priority over style

Heels vs sneakers
Sneakers always make a comfortable companion

Travelling in high heels can be painful. Trekking or beaching, slipping into a comfortable pair of sneakers will let you enjoy some relaxed me-time during your voyage. A single pair of heels just for a night out is more than what you need.


6. Spend money wisely

Girl with no money
Financial planning is a key to a good trip

Girls are infamous for being spendthrifts and we don’t deny the fact. No matter how empty our pockets are, we can’t give up on our favourite travel pastimes, i.e., picking local souvenirs. Just a handy tip: Spend money wisely on buying things which can add value to your travelogue diary.


7. Don’t disclose your identity to everyone you meet

A lonely girl with travel bag
Do not let anyone intrude into your privacy

Even though you are comfortable with travelling alone, don’t let others find it out. Also, keep in touch with your loved ones and let them know about your updates at least once a day.


8. Be your own bodyguard

Girl followed by a stranger
Make self-defense your masterstroke

Every solo girl traveller is likely to have found herself in a threatening situation at some point of her life. So, it’s better to keep a pepper spray or a Swiss Army Knife when you set off for a dream trip.


9. Carry your comfort with you

Hat and portable pillows of girl traveller
Comfort should always come first

Portable pillows are a blessing, especially when you are on a long journey. Add a comfortable pillow to your travel kit and never let issues like jet lags and body aches affect your tour.


10. Trust your gut feeling

Girl sitting on rocks
Listen to you conscience

Trust your only travel companion, your conscience. You have travelled afar, you are mature enough to make your own decisions. So, learn to listen to your gut feeling as well.