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15 Things To Pack For a Solo Trip: Travel Packing Tips


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As much fun as it is to travel alone, it is important to pack smart while doing so. It is advisable to consider a whole lot of factors while packing as just packing light is not the answer. You need to set a priority and think about your convenience as well as comfort.


Since you will be on your own, remember that all the luggage has to be carried by you. Don’t just pick the biggest bag so that you can put more stuff in it. Consider its utility before picking one.


1. A hard covered 4-wheel bag

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A hard-covered bag saves your luggage from rain and other untoward weather conditions so it is highly advisably you carry it. People have a notion that a soft covered bag gives you more space to keep your stuff in, but safety shouldn’t be discounted. 4-wheels helps you carry or slide the bag any way you want.


2. Take an extra backpack and stuff a few plastic bags in it

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Once you reach your destination, it is easy to roam around with a bag pack and only the essential items for the day can be carried in it. It comes in handy to keep an extra T-shirt, a pair of shorts or a bottle of water. Plastic bags will help you store wet clothes too.


3. A pair of comfortable flip-flops

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A pair of flip-flops don’t take a lot of space and provide a lot of utility. They are very useful especially if you wear them on the beach or to cover very short distances like running an errand. Carrying an extra pair is also a good choice.


4. Don’t forget a selfie stick

Selfie stick on your trip

Don’t depend on strangers to click your pictures, carry a selfie stick in order to capture any and every moment you want.


5. A Torch always comes in handy

When you are travelling alone, it is important to carry a torch especially if you are going to go camping of hiking. It always comes in handy and works perfectly as a backup for your phone’s flash which normally takes a lot of battery. Make sure that it is not huge one but at the same time it should be able to get the work done.


6. Folder to keep your documents safe

All your essential paperwork including tickets, hotel reservations, and transportation information, etc. can be stored in a folder. The plastic folder should be durable and able to hold up in adverse weather conditions as well because if the documents are lost, you could be in trouble.


7. Items you won’t mind leaving behind

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Whether it is a T-shirt, a pair of socks or an underwear, always carry items which you wouldn’t mind getting rid of as it gives you options to buy more souvenirs without increasing the weight of the bag.


8. Pack clothes that are comfortable as well as stylish

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Always be smart while packing clothes as it is very easy to get carried away and end up packing all the stuff you love. Think about the weather conditions, durability and necessity of an item before packing it.


9. Pick up a low maintenance jacket with many pockets

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It is a useful thing to carry a zipped jacket as it gives you comfort as well as extra pockets to put in the small stuff you might need immediately. For all you know, you might just fold up your jacket and use it as a pillow to rest your head!


10. Shoes that won’t give up, come what may

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No matter where you go and what weather conditions you encounter, your shoes must be able to fight it out. These are an extremely important commodity, something which some people often forget to consider.


11. Take high protein snack bars and packaged foods

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Wherever you go, a snack bar can fight your hunger and also provides energy. They are easy to store as it can fit anywhere in your bag. If you are likely to be homesick for food, carry some pre-packaged non-perishable food too.


12. Condoms and a First-aid kit

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Always carry condoms, as the importance of safety is not to be ignored and holding on to a first-aid kit is pretty much self-explanatory as it is important to be ready for any untoward situation.


13. A small size ID is useful

You can’t carry your passport or other important documents constantly so make sure you have a pocket-sized ID card with you all the time.


14. Extra cell phone and a power bank

Carrying an extra cell phone can come in handy especially if you lose one during your journey. A power bank will help you charge your phone’s battery anytime so that your loved ones can reach you.


16. Carrying a book or a Kindle can be gratifying 

Cute girl reading book by a lake

Enjoying a book on your solo sojourn is wonderful and peaceful. It gives you perspective and that is what you should expect from your solo trip as well.