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At an award function, Kangana says she always wanted to be her best version


At Reebok’s Fit to Fight Awards, Kangana Ranaut said that she always wanted to be her best version and that she never does anything to impress others. The actress was in Delhi to inaugurate the event which also saw felicitation of women from different walks of life including Paralympic medalist Deepa Malik and Bollywood stuntwoman Geeta Tandon.


Known for her outspoken and honest attitude, the actress recently extended her support to Deepika Padukone who was termed as Bollywood Blunder at EMA. Kangana said that one should not never bother about the fashion police since it is impossible to please everybody.

The Queen star donned a pretty red outfit featuring a modest cleavage and a pair of matching pointed heels. A pop of red lipstick and her short tousled hair complemented the look. Amongst her recent few appearances, Kangana prettied up in a sweater and skirt on her dinner date with brother Akshit.

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Kangana fashionable black blazer and boots

Last spotted at Mumbai airport, Kangana donned a military blazer and black jeans. Sporting her short curly hair, she summed up the look with a pair of blue sunglasses.