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30 Reasons To Travel The World: Why You Should Succumb To Wanderlust


krabi limestone cliffs thailand

Travel is a luxury of life which doesn’t need a rhyme or reason. But if you’ve been procrastinating your holiday because of routine things like work and hectic schedules, welcome to the same boat that most of us are already sitting in. If you’re a wanderluster, you probably need no reasons to travel, but here are some to push you off the precipice anyway.


1. You aren’t getting any younger

Let’s face it. This is the reality of life for all of us and the clock is ticking away this very moment. TICK TOCK.

2. To become an Instagram rock star

travel memories photos

Deny it as much as you want to but a teeny-tiny bit inside your heart knows that one holiday will translate into a ton of pictures and you’ll be on your way to brings in tons of Insta likes and followers.

3. To go to unique places like sheep cafes, bosom bars and cat cafes

Everyone goes to the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Sydney Opera House. So what’s the big deal? But hey, going to places like sheep cafes, bosom bars and cat cafes is Da BOMB!

4. To swipe right in real life

couple feet picture

Anyone can sit behind a screen and swipe left or right on Tinder. Do you have the courage to meet random people in real life, have drinks with someone you like and ask someone out for a real date? Go figure.

5. To realize that happiness is not an impossible Holy Grail to seek

Travel will make you realize that finding happiness is not impossible. You may be buried in mountains of problems, but sometimes just a bit a change- in-place can put things back into perspective.

6. To visit new countries rarely visited before

myanmar bagan

Sure, you aren’t going to risk your life ending up in North Korea all of a sudden but possibilities now are now endless. Whether it’s riding a vintage car in Havana or taking a hot air balloon ride over Bagan, there’s stuff that very few other people in the world have ever done.

7. To understand new terms like bleisure, boutique hotels and bespoke

boutique hotels

You’ve probably come across these words in travel magazines, travel shows and interviews of famous personalities. But if that’s not the stuff you read, you might want to understand what all this travel jargon actually means in real life.

8. To people-watch

sea of people crowds

One of the most fun things about travel is to people-watch – that hot looking girl, those sneakers that guy was wearing or that stoic business traveller whose eyes look homesick, it’s all too much fun.

9. To know what modern airports are all about

suvarnabhoomi airport in bangkok

Whether it’s the exhaustive number of shops at Changi airport in Singapore, mythological statues at Suvarnabhoomi airport in Bangkok or the Jay He public art initiative at CST terminal in Mumbai, airport across top cities of the world are at their peak right now. If you haven’t seen them, you ain’t seen nothing.

10. To know what luxury these days is all about

Dubai skyline

Infinity pools, sprawling spas, Ayurveda retreats, glass houses on top of trees – even if you can’t afford to actually go there, you’ll still get to know about them more if you travel.

11. To overcome your fears

hiking mountains

You will never be able to know that you can overcome your fears until you actually try something. How would you every know if you’re scared of parasailing, scuba diving or bungee jumping until you actually did it?

12. To take a master class in spontaneity

No matter how much you plan your trip in detail, there’s bound to be something that goes out of your control. And that – will be your perfect lesson in spontaneity.

13. To make memories for your armchair days

If you haven’t travelled, your life is like an empty book waiting to be written. So go ahead and write that book and create memories that you will swipe through when you’re rocking on that chair with the grandfather’s clock ticking by in the background.

14. To do business the modern way

friends drinking coffee together

Bumping someone into an airplane, meeting someone in your hotel or winding up with someone over dinner are the best organic ways in which you can grow your personal and professional brand.

15. To realize that your problems are petty

There are two kinds of problems in this world – genuine big problems and small problems that we make big. Travelling will help you put things into perspective and make you realise that you might be making a mountain out of a molehill.

16. To be a better conversation maker

You will often find that people who can make brilliant conversation encompassing loads of experiences are people who are either well-read or well-travelled. And if you’re already well-read then it means that it’s time to tick the second box.

17. To sensitize yourself to the unfamiliar

One of the most important things that travel does is sensitize a person to uncharted territories, new cultures and unknown people. Grow up and understand that your way of life is not the only one there is.

18. To be more confident

girl looking at mountain landscape

Let’s face it – travel makes a person confident. And the you travel, the more it’s going to be easy for you know that you can face problems, can solve them, can overcome them and emerge victorious.

19. To be a sophisticate and an epicurean

Who’s an epicurean? Well, if you’d travelled, you’d know that. An epicurean is a person who has fine tastes, well mostly luxurious in food, drink and all other things. Need another reason to travel.

20. To broaden your sense of imagination

girl standing on top of mountains

What world do you go to when you close your eyes and sleep? What world do you escape into when you dream with your eyes open? The scope and horizon of your imagination depends solely how far and wide you spread your wings.

21. To tick off that never-ending bucket list

Bucket lists will only get longer if you don’t start ticking items of them. And who wants to die with a long bucket list of things-to-do anyway!

22. To be the person you really want to be

wanderlust travel

Travel equates to a certain sense of independence and freedom. When you’re home, you might feel like being in the shackles of having a certain image to maintain or a certain way of life to adhere to. But when you travel, you can be the person you want to be.

23. To know the real meaning of crazy

Ever played Holi in the city of Brij in India? Ever been spat with tomatoes in Tomatina, Spain? Ever dressed up for the carnival in Brazil? Ever seen the biggest weirdos of the world at the Burning Man in Nevada, USA? If you don’t travel, you won’t know any of this.

24. To know the real meaning of gourmet and gastronomy

gourmet foods sushi japan

Gourmet is so much more than the liquid nitrogen stuff you get in restaurants. It’s tasting a fish preparation from a local Japanese home, trying out a homemade chilli powder made by sun-drying chillies on an Indian terrace or slurping barbeque sauce concocted by a American family. Gastronomy encompasses the tastes and the foods that are closest to its source and authenticity. Only travel can get you there.

25. To get a life education

Travel is an institution, a school of its own. Colleges and universities will teach you from books, travel will teach you straight from the book that called – the world.

26. To develop a survival instinct

Everyone has a survival instinct hidden deep within there somewhere. But a comfortable and well-to-do life sometimes ensures that the instinct never surfaces. Camping, expeditions, trekking, hiking and unplanned trips are the kinds of things that will allow you to sharpen your survival skills.

27. To be inspired to learn a new language, take up an art or a new hobby

learn foreign languages photos

Travel is full of inspiration. Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to speak fluent Spanish while you roam around the romantic city of Barcelona. Wanting to learn Japanese calligraphy after coming back from Tokyo is most natural. Having the desire to learn wildlife photography before taking a safari trip is just the way you should be going.

28. To live without regrets

friends on a road trip

There’s no point in welcoming the sunset of your life with a bunch of regrets in tow. While you’re young, travel the world and gather as many experiences as you can. This is the only way you’ll be able to live without regrets.

29. To see where the world is going

modern architecture in seoul

Fantastical buildings, modern architecture, technological advancements and social leaps – there world is moving at a phenomenally fast speed and you have to keep up. Travel will help you do that.

30. To go on a digital break

If you’re taking a holiday because you are too inundated with phone calls, messages, emails and data at work, then travel is the perfect way and excuse to go on a digital cleanse. Switch off completely.