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Aarav Bhatia: Akshay Kumar’s son is a handsome dude


Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav Bhatia has become quite the handsome young man. His pics have found a virality of sorts on social media. Is it his boyish good looks or is it the mysterious party boy aura that he has around him? We’ll let you decide that by looking at unseen and candid pictures of Aarav Bhatia that our cameras have clicked through the last few years.


A lot of people get confused with Aarav Bhatia’s age as he seems to look a few years older than he is. Aarav was born on 15 September 2002. Virgos are generally known for enjoying art and literature, a trait that seems to have personified itself in young Aarav who is reportedly working on a writing a novel. So we could go on and on ranting about this filmy boy but we’ll let the pictures do the talking. Shy guy, handsome boy, party boy, rising star, budding author or future superstar? You decide.

Aarav Kumar Bhatia Akshay Kumar son
Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav Bhatia…a handsome young dude na?

Aarav Bhatia is a handsome young dude and his photos prove that. Above pictures were taken by our cameras at the Ed Sheeran concern in Mumbai.

Aarav Bhatia with girl friend Bandra party
Aarav Bhatia with his friends at a party in Bandra

Aarav Bhatia clicked with his friends at a party in Mumbai.

Dimple Kapadia with grandson Aarav
Dimple Kapadia with grandson Aarav Bhatia leaving a play in Mumbai

Such a sweet picture! Aarav Bhatia seen escorting his nani Dimple Kapadia after watching a play in Mumbai. This Bollywood star kid is such a gentleman!

Aarav Kumar Bhati with girl friend at Mumbai party
Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav spotted on a night out with his rumoured girlfriend and friends

There has been a lot of chatter about who is Aarav Bhatia’s girlfriend. The same frenzy was witnessed when another another star kid Jhanvi Kapoor was started being seen in the media circuit with Ishaan Khatter, co-star of her debut movie. Well we won’t go into all that banter and let the young guy be. He’s still a teen and no need to dig deep into who he hangs out with. Pictured on Mumbai streets on a night out with his friends.

Aarav Bhatia with girl friend Ed Sheeran concert Mumbai
Akki’s son Aarav seen with his friends at the Ed Sheeran concert in Mumbai

Aarav with his female friends at a music concert in Mumbai.

Twinkle Khanna's son Aarav pic in Juhu
Aarav Bhatia seen on a shopping trip in Bandra

Our cameras clicked Aarav out and about in Bandra. The cute fella was wearing a t-shirt about Trump and the US elections.

Akshay Kumar driving car with son Aarav
Akshay Kumar seen in his car with son Aarav sitting with him in the front seat

Daddy Akshay Kumar seen in his car with Aarav sitting next to him in the front seat. The family were spotted leaving a theatre in Juhu where they watch a movie.

Hiding from camera Aarav Bhatia in Mumbai
Aarav Bhatia not in the mood for pictures

Another night out when Aarav was clicked in the city but this time either he didn’t seem to be in the mood or the flashes of the cameras were a bit too bright. Either ways the junior Khiladi hid his face and almost went incognito with his hoodie and cap.

Akshay Kumar national award win proud family Twinkle Khanna
Proud wifey Twinkle Khanna and son Aarav watch as Akshay Kumar collects the National Award for his movie Rustom from President Pranab Mukherjee

Akshay Kumar received a prestigious National Award from President Pranab Mukherjee for his acting in the movie Rustom. Proud wifey Twinkle Khanna and son Aarav flew down to see daddy receive the honour of a lifetime. Awww!

Akshay Kumar at Mumbai airport with son Aarav
Baap-beta Akki and Aarav clicked at Mumbai airport

Akshay Kumar may be 50 years old but his sense of style is no less than teenager Aarav. The baap-beta jodi were clicked at Mumbai airport.

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