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Adalaj Ni Vav in Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Photos and Expert Travel Guide

sunlight coming inside Adalaj ni vav Gujarat tourism
Sunlight streaming through Adalaj Ni Vav

Adalaj Ni Vav or Adalaj stepwell as it is commonly known, is a famous sightseeing spot located at a distance of 18 kms from Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. It’s one of those rare jewels that many Ahmedabad and Gujarat bound tourists often miss when it should actually be on the top of their lists of places to visit in Ahmedabad.


This article is a detailed travel guide where you will find all the details regarding Adalaj Ni Vav’s visiting timings, how to reach, brief history and of course many beautiful images of the place.


How to reach Adalaj Ni Vav

Things to do in Adalaj stepwell
A candid shot of a local Gujarati lady visiting Adalaj Ni Vav


The stepwell is located in-between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar and can be reached by road. From Ahmedabad city, it is 16 kms far while Gandhinagar falls only 5 kms away from it.

Road Route

The bulk of tourists who come from Ahmedabad can take the S.G. Highway or the S. P Ring Road which will straight away connect them to Adalaj Village. After reaching the village, directions towards the stepwell can be easily sought from local dwellers. GPS savvy tourists can simply plus in Adalaj Ni Vav to get the exact route.


Shared autos from Lal Darwaja and private taxis with hotel pick-ups are also easily available. A one-way trip may take about an hour from the city centre depending on traffic.


Visiting Timings for Adalaj Ni Vav

Adalaj Ni Vav Ahmedabad Gujarat
Labyrinths and multi-storeys of Adalaj Ni Vav in resplendent view

Adalaj Ni Vav opens at 8 AM and closes at 7 PM in the evening. The best time to visit the stepwell would be early in the morning in-between October to January which marks winter in Gujarat.


Things to keep in mind while visiting the Adalaj stepwell

pillar carving at Adalaj ni vav
Intricate carvings on a pillar at Adalaj Ni Vav

Carry a brilliant camera

Adalaj stepwell has a million dimensions, perspectives and angles to its structure – making it a photographer’s paradise. Only adding to its charm are the detailed engravings on the stones of the monument. The place offers a zillion opportunities for close-ups and wide angle shots and you could be lost inside it taking pictures all day.

Pro Tip: Carry a camera which has good flash and focus. Even if you go during daytime, chances are that it will become darker as you proceed inside the labyrinths of the stepwell.

image photo of Adalaj ni vav
Water body inside the stepwell

Don’t go on a rainy day

Adalaj Ni Vav is an alfresco monument which is surrounded by manicured lawns. It’s best not to go on a rainy day otherwise you will not only drench but the steps of the well may also become slippery and hazardous.


Girls listen up – don’t wear delicate shoes

The approach road to the beautiful Adalaj stepwell is quite a contradiction to the monument itself. As resplendent as the structure is, the road that takes you though it is just as bad. It is a tiny, rough road that goes through the residences of village Adalaj with many potholes. So ladies, bid goodbye to your delicate shoes or flats and rely on your trusty sneakers.

Sightseeing spot in Ahmedabad Adajaj stepwell
Majestic view of Adalaj Ni Vav towards the entrance

Avoid Sundays and public holidays

Even among locals, the stepwell is a very popular sightseeing spot and a quick weekend getaway. Do not make the mistake of visiting on a Sunday else you will have to make your way through thick crowds. The worst thing about going on a packed day is not being able to take pictures without background interruptions.

Pro tip: Also make sure you don’t pick a public holiday to visit. Make a confirmation prior to your visit by calling the Gujarat Tourism office to check if there are no aberrations to visiting time. A random renovation project or a VIP’s visit could render your plan useless.


Carry a light sweater if you are visiting in winter

It might not be too cold outside but the insides of the well can get very cold. The limestone inside the structure tends to trap all the cold in.

tunnels in Adalaj Ni Vav beauitful image
Adalaj stepwell – a history buff, archaeology enthusiast and a culture vulture’s delight

Carry a torch if you are a history and archaeology enthusiast

Unfortunately, the well is not well-lit from inside. Daylight may allow you to sail through your visit but if you visit during evening hours, it may get darker. If you are a history and archaeology enthusiast and want to see every detail of each carving, you might want to carry a torch with you.


Brief History and Interesting Facts about Adalaj Ni Vav

Adalaj Ni Vav beautiful photo
The beautiful Adalaj stepwell captured in low light

Adalaj stepwell is also called Rudabai stepwell and it receives such a name because it was built by Mahmud Begada for his queen Rudabai in 1499.

Adalaj Ni Vav carvings image
One of the many wondrous carvings at Adalaj Ni Vav

What remains most interesting about it is its blend of Indo-Islamic and Solanki style of architecture which can also be seen in many other monuments of Ahmedabad. Vavs or wells had great significance in history because of the utilities they offered to women. Apart from ablutions, washing and cleaning, they also made for the perfect backdrop for festivities.