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Voompla USP

91% of Voompla users are 18-34 years old! According to Assocham Industry Reports, 90% of Online Shoppers in India are 18-35 years old. Contact us on media@voompla.com to know more on how you can promote your product, service or brand to the prime A-grade Indian online audience. You can also reach out to Instagram.com/PPBakshi for any urgent requests.

Certified Alexa Website Listing

Verified Quanstcast Publisher

Advertisements, Campaigns & Promotions

Comprehensive, flexible and highly customized advertising and promotional opportunities across various digital platforms and social media channels in a completely brand-safe environment with high editorial standards. Reach out to us directly on media@voompla.com!


  • News, events, product launches etc
  • Featured posts – stay pinned on the website
  • Custom posts as per requirements

Social Media

  • Posts
  • Cover photos – graphics of choice as per requirement
  • Pinned to Top posts
  • Promoted posts
  • Custom campaigns as per requirements

Display Ads

Banners across the website, including but not limited to

  • Leaderboard 728×90
  • Large Rectangle 336×280
  • Medium Rectangle 300×250
  • Half-page Ad 300×600
  • Custom sizes as per requirements