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Alia Bhatt Pics: Cute, Hot and Fashionable


Alia Bhatt’s pics often portray her as the queen of cuteness, or is she? Among hundreds and thousands of photos of Alia Bhatt scattered all over the internet, of her cute smile, dimples and what not, there is ONE thing that everyone seems to have missed – Alia Bhatt can go from CUTE to SEXY and HOT with the snap of a finger.


Alia Bhatt’s fashion and style is something that is highly underrated, we believe. Among the other statuesque fashionistas of Bollywood, Alia’s fashion sense seems to have been diluted with all the chatter about her cute smiles and dimples. We have painstakingly gone beyond the cliche photographers and have dug deeper than just some of Alia Bhatt’s photoshoots.


In our research we have found that some of Alia Bhatt’s looks are from the pictures our cameras have taken at the most unassuming places. Impromptu pictures taken outside studios, in-between shoots and quick poses at promotional events are showing the cute beauty’s real style persona. Here is the ultimate shortlist of Alia Bhatt’s pictures that are cute, hot and fashionable, all combined into a continuously evolving list. We will keep updating every month with newer entries. Keep coming to check out new updates!

Alia Bhatt hot legs in short dress
Alia Bhatt looking super hot in a short dress that showed off her toned legs and thighs…isn’t it ironic that one of the hottest pic of Alia has actually been taken outside the studio?

Photoshoots are overrated and the above pictures is exactly the reason why. Who needs carefully planned setups when such amazingly hot pictures can be clicked? Our cameras saw Alia going into the studios with her entourage wearing a short thigh length dress. The actress looked super sexy as she sashayed along in gold heels and the dress that was screaming oomph.

Candid pic Alia Bhatt Kareena Kapoor kissing photo
Candid pic of Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor…the two divas were posing outside a studio when suddenly Kareena gave Alia a kiss on the cheeks and our cameras were there to capture these priceless candid moments

We keep saying again and again that candid moments in Bollywood make for some of the best pictures. Alia and Kareena made for such a priceless photograph when Bebo leaned in to kiss Alia on the cheek after an impromptu pose session.

Alia Bhatt cute smile cute dress
Alia Bhatt’s fashion is just like her smile…too cute!

This picture is everything that Alia Bhatt is…cute! A pale pink outfit, that cute smile of hers and cute girly poses, picture perfect shall we say?

Alia Bhatt cute smile dimples face ethnic dress
Alia Bhatt has one of the cutest smiles in Bollywood…and this photograph sums it up doesn’t it? Thick eyebrows and this ethnic dress complete this look

Alia dolled up in an ethnic look for a movie screening. Chappals, dress and earrings to match, she posed for our cameras and gave off some serious pretty ethnic vibes.

Starship dress Alia Bhatt funky print dress
Alia Bhatt makes a style statement in this funky outfit

Who would’ve thought that an ice-cream print body hugging dress could look so fashionable? Alia was seen in this funky outfit outside the sets of a TV show. Our cameras clicked her before she went in and posed for those perfectly manicured shots…ugh! We like these ones much better because they show Alia showing off her style creds in a raw and rustic real life setting.

Double denim style Alia Bhatt navel show
Double denim is tricky and it can be a fashion fail. But not this time as Alia Bhatt rocks her navel baring denim cropped top and ripped jeans at a movie launch

Bollywood actresses and their love for jeans is no secret. Double denim is a whole different game all-together. It can look superb or it can look horribly wrong. No prizes for saying which way it went with this one. Alia looking super pretty in a navel-baring denim crop top paired with ripped jeans and high heels.

Alia Bhatt style dress sneakers and jacket
Check out those shiny sneakers! Alia gives flirty poses for our cameras in a cute short dress and funky footwear

This photo dates back to the time of Kapoor and Sons. Alia was on a promotional spree with Sidharth and Fawad. We clicked her looking cute but sexy in this short dress paired with shiny sneakers.

Alia Bhatt jeans pink heels cute actress
Alia Bhatt is known for her cute looks but did you know that this actress looks super fly in jeans too?

Tight jeans and pink heels…should we say more? Sexy skinny jeans isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Alia Bhatt and Fashion, but maybe these photos will change your mind?

What do you think?