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Arjun Kapoor’s Beard Styles: Baba’s Best Bearded Looks


Arjun Kapoor nice beard look pic

Arjun Kapoor’s beard style has come a long way, especially after Ki and Ka for which he carefully grew one. In fact, Arjun has always maintained a beard since the very beginning of his career, both on and off screen. Whether is was his rugged beard for his debut movie Ishaqzaade, his wild look for Gunday or a his paper thin stubbled look in 2 states – Arjun Kapoor is the beard man of Bolly land!


The young Kapoor lad doesn’t stop at beard styles, he ensures that his hairdos are equally suave and trendy. We have a barrage of the different bearded looks of Arjun. So go ahead… you have the legit permission to drool!

Arjun Kapoor stylish hair and beard pic
Arjun Kapoor wearing a light beard during movie promotions in 2016
Arjun light stubble photo
Arjun mixes it up with a college boy look, wearing a light stubble instead of a full-on heavy beard
Full beard and messy hairdo Arjun
A full beard and messy hairdo does look good on Arjun Kapoor
Smart french beard look Arjun Kapoor pic
Arjun accentuates his geeky look by wearing a stylish French beard
Arjun Kapoor cool photo 2016
Arjun’s casual look is further enhanced with a thick beard
Stylish Pose Arjun Kapoor scruffy beard pic
Arjun’s scruffy beard is a hit during Ki and Ka promotions. Who said bearded men don’t smile?
spike hairstyle and moustache Arjun
The young star sports a moustache and a thin goatee
pulled back hair and beard Arjun
Arjun perfects his smart and suave look with a lightly trimmed beard, perfect for those suited-up red carpet moments
light stubble Arjun Kapoor pic
Arjun Kapoor looks handsome in his hairdo and nearly trimmed facial hair. Not much of a beard but well-groomed nevertheless.
Moustache and goatee Arjun Kapoor
Chikna! Arjun puts the focus on his moustache, limiting his beard to a goatee
Nice French beard photo Arjun Kapoor
Trimmed on the side with a thick French beard is how Arjun Kapoor rolls sometimes
smart sunglasses and beard Arjun
Arjun Kapoor turns on his charm with his trademark groomed beard.