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Bangkok, Thailand: Things To Do and Places To Visit



The list of what to do and where to go in Bangkok is unending. There’s an iconic tourist spot in every other corner and throbbing life in every cranny of the city’s streets. With the best time to go to Bangkok being in between months of November to February because of the moderate weather, all you need to do is pack your bags and hop on a plane. Scroll down to watch HD video of Top Things to Do and Places to Visit in Bangkok.


The most touristy and must-see spots in Bangkok are undoubtedly Grand Palace, Wat Arun and The Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Other places to include in a quintessential Bangkok itinerary should be Chatuchak Weekend Market, Floating Markets, Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit, Siam Paragon Mall and MBK Mall amongst others. A quick read through this list will make you want to book a Bangkok fight right away.

Grand Palace

grand palace bangkok thailand
Bangkok’s famous Grand Palace by night

Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya river, Grand Palace comprises a ton of stunning buildings and temples. From the quintessential gold Thai rooftops to structures that tell stories of Thai mythology, this landmark is a must see. The complex of Grand Palace also houses The Temple of the Emerald Buddha or the Wat Phra Kaew. Like the Eiffel Tower of Paris and the Statue of Liberty in America, this is the top must-see place not just in Bangkok but even in Thailand.

gardens of kings home grand palace bangkok
Gardens of Grand Palace in Bangkok

Here are some insider tips you should keep in mind while visiting Grand Palace. Leave early at around eight in the morning since it takes a good three hours for a complete touring of the complex. With the sun getting on your head during the later part of the morning, you will feel exhausted as most sights are alfresco. Dress modestly and refrain from wearing clothes that expose your full arms and legs or else you will have to stand in a serpentine queue to rent sarongs.

Wat Pho or Temple of the Reclining Buddha

famous temple of reclining buddha wat pho pic
Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Just a short walking distance from Grand Palace is the Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Get ready to be stunned and dumbstruck on resting your sight on the grand 150 feet long Buddha for the first time.

thailand pagoda of wat pho reclining buddha
Typical Thai pagodas in Wat Pho complex

From every detail engraved on the feet to the intricate work on Buddha’s head, photo opportunities and sighs of surprise are endless here. Don’t forget to check out the entire complex of the temple which houses some stunning pagodas.


Wat Arun or The Temple of Dawn

wat arun sunset bangkok chao phraya river
Sunset over Wat Arun on the banks of Chao Phraya river

Just a water boat ride away from Grand Palace, Wat Arun is a sight which must be preferably seen in the evening to catch a glorious sunset across the Chao Phraya river. Wat Arun is one of the most recognized monuments of Bangkok and most often seen as the representation of the city on souvenirs.

bangkok skyline city view from wat arun
Aerial views of Bangkok city from Wat Arun

One of the highlights of this landmark is climbing the dizzying flight of stairs all the way to the top to get an aerial view of the bustling city. Climbing down the stairs will be even more fun!


Bangkok River Cruise

bangkok river cruise rama bridge
River cruise passing though Rama VIII Bridge on the Chao Phraya river

Bangkok by the river is a must-see and there’s no better way to do it than a cruise. Depending on your budget and meal preference, pick a cruise carrier – the Grand Pearl Cruise and the Princess Cruise being some of the most popular ones.

beautiful boat ride on bangkok thailand river
Evening views of Bangkok city from a river cruise

The cruise will typically chug away slowly and steadily on the Chao Phraya as the sights and sounds of a neon-lit Bangkok pass you by. Thrown is some lovely Thai food and cultural performances on the cruise. From the fancy buildings of top notch seven-star hotel chains to a beautifully illuminated Wat Arun to a futuristic Rama VIII bridge, the cruise will take you through it all.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

bangkok cheap street shopping bargains
Bargain shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

The biggest market in Thailand and one of the biggest alfresco ones in all of Asia, Chatuchak is a must-visit. Open only on weekends as the name suggests, the market is spread across a whopping 27 acres, houses around 8000 shops and witnesses more than 2,00,000 visitors every day.

blue porcelain china shops at chatuchak weekend market bangkok
Porcelain and china shops at Chatuchak

From shirts to toothbrushes, porcelain to plastic goods, restaurants to jewellery, curios to food items, Chatuchak has everything. Think of anything in the stretch of your imagination and it’s sure to be available at Chatuchak.

colourful scarf stole shopping chatuchak
Colourful wares lure buyers at Thailand’s biggest market

It’s impossible to cover the whole market in a day so expect to do a fair bit of it with the help of a map. Take short breaks in between by having traditional Thai coconut ice cream or fruit platters.


Floating Markets of Bangkok: Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa

floating boats markets of bangkok amphawa
Floating Market on the outskirts of Bangkok

Thailand is typically associated with images and photos of floating markets. While all the floating markets of Bangkok are not in their natural state and have been kept alive only for reasons of tourism, it’s still worth a visit. Among many floating markets, Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa are the most famous. Plan a


Lumpini Park

lumpini park bangkok for joggers
Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Often compared to New York’s famous Central Park, Lumpini also serves as the lungs of Bangkok. It is strategically located in the centre of the city in and around the tall, luxurious skyscrapers of Bangkok. With large walking tracks, ducks ruffling their feathers in the lake, boat rides and Tai-Chi Yoga sessions, it’s the perfect place to unwind or just breathe easy. Don’t be surprised if you meet a massive lizard crossing the road inside the park – after all it’s his home!


Street Food in Bangkok

bangkoks street food photos grilled meat
Wide varieties of meat available on Bangkok streets

Just like Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise, it is equally a foodie’s heaven too. From grilled meats to fruit platters to Thai curries, Bangkok offers a plethora of experiences. If you are keen on trying local delicacies, go for Khao Pad, Tom Yum or Som Tum.

khao pad thai dish noodles pic
Bangkok’s famous street food

Try exotic fruits such as Durian, Rambutan, Rose Apple, Mangosteen, Passion Fruit and Dragon Fruit. Dry varieties of the same are also available in plenty at shops. If you prefer to stick to your staples burgers, pasta and sandwiches, there are plenty international fast-food chains to give you a dose of that too.

typical local roadside street food joint bangkok
Local roadside food stall on Khao San Road


Stroll through Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Sois and Nana Plaza

bangkok girls red light soi cowboy
Red light districts of Bangkok

Whether you are a party person or not, you have to visit Bangkok’s most throbbing nightlife areas which include Sukhumvit’s many sois or side streets. While there are some sois of Sukhumvit that have some great restaurants, there are others that are more known for their go-go bars, ladyboys and sex trade.


Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza in particular are notoriously famous for being Bangkok’s red-light districts. Avoid these areas if you have family in tow, but they’re worth a dekko if you want to take back interesting conversations home.


Visit one of Bangkok’s many rooftop bars for spectacular views

rooftop bars bangkok skyline views
A rooftop bar in Bangkok with stunning views

After enjoying Bangkok’s skyline from the ground and from the waterways, it is time to take in the skyline’s aerial view from some of the city’s best rooftop bars. Lebua at State Tower is the most famous rooftop bar of the city offering unforgettable stunning views.

Beware of dress codes and early reservations. If you can’t make it to Lebua because of their serpentine waiting lines, try Octave at Sukhumvit. One of the most memorable things you can do in Bangkok to sip a drink while you’re on the top of the city, quite literally!


Take a BTS Skytrain or a Tuk Tuk ride

thailand bangkok tuk tuk photo 2016
Local Thai mode of transport – Tuk Tuk

What’s Bangkok without the experiencing a whirlwind Tuk Tuk ride or a short journey on a BTS Skytrain! Hop on a Tuk Tuk as its conquers the roads in full speed, taking you through the many freeways of Bangkok.

bangkok metro bts skytrain pic
Bangkok’s swanky BTS Skytrain

As for the BTS Skytrain, it’s best to hop aboard one if you want to escape the infamous Bangkok traffic and get to your destination in less time and cost.


MBK & Siam Paragon: Malls of Bangkok

Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise. From street shopping to flea markets to swish malls, the city is dotted with neon-lit shopping opportunities. While Siam Paragon being full of expensive-looking, high-design shops, MBK is second name for the word ‘variety’. Pantip Plaza is haven for IT wares and Platinum Fashion Mall is the perfect destination for fashion lovers. Siam Centre, CentralWorld and Terminal 21 cannot be left behind.

jim thomsons house thai silk bangkok
House of American businessman, collector and architect Jim Thomson which houses various South East Asian arts