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Bihari People and Culture: Myths and Misconceptions BUSTED

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What are Bihari People and its culture like? This post about Bihar is a straight-from-the-heart and a tight slap on those lame myths which have created misconceptions about the state and sincerely need to be busted ASAP. Trust me, a Bihari is just like a normal Indian person who diligently works hard to accomplish his/her dreams. We grow up with ethos of ‘atithi devo bhava’ and bow down to our elders every day.


It’s ironical how a place once known for its great knights like Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya and scholars like Chanakya has been rated ordinarily in terms of security, culture, law, environment, etc. in modern times. Nonetheless, the tag comes with a few perks as well. Being a Bihari naturally invokes the image of a studious, intellectual and a person with strong political background. And cult-classic dialogues like “Ek Bihari Sab Pe Bhari” have only added to its powerful status. While a few of these are partially true, the rest seems to have been clearly misunderstood by others. Listed below are some of them:


1. People from Bihar get offended when you call them a ‘Bihari’

Say what? We have Punjabis, Gujaratis in the country then why not Biharis. After all, it represents our native identity. To be honest, a rational Bihari will never get offended at the word. Rest are just being overly vulnerable.


2. All Biharis are ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’- type criminals

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Hello, wait! Just because you saw a few films like Gangs of Wasseypur and Gangaajal based on Bihar’s background, they don’t represent the entire state. While we totally agree that cinemas mirror the society but you should never be biased. Does anyone judge south Indian states based on their action-centric masala movies?


3. Women are not safe in Bihar

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I’ve grown up in Bihar in safe hands, safe society and amongst safe people. We encourage female education, respect a woman’s dignity and assure them that they are safer here than anywhere else in the world.


4. Every Bihari family has an IAS officer

This is the high time when this myth needs to be debunked. Yes, we work hard and aim for good white-collar jobs but not everyone grows up with a dream of becoming an IAS officer here. We have acclaimed directors like Prakash Jha, mathematicians like Anand Kumar and media persons like Ravish Kumar as well.


5. Every auto rickshaw puller is a Bihari

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Would you still say this after you head the golden words Mahendra Singh Dhoni? Yes, he was born in Bihar! Just because you met some hard-working Bihari labourers, vegetable vendors and auto rickshaw pullers in metro cities, you thought everyone in the state must be economically backward. Firstly, appreciate the fact that people migrate to other cities to fend for themselves and secondly… mind your own business.


6. Biharis are an encyclopedia of all gaalis

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Like every normal human being, we use abusive words in a fit of rage but that doesn’t make us an encyclopedia of all gaalis. For a change, try conversing in Bihar’s lingual wealth Maithili and Magadhi and I bet, you will have to reconsider your opinion.


7. Biharis have a poor English accent

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Every educated Bihari is sick of hearing the above phrase. People think that Biharis have a poor English accent. Well, if the state’s politicians fighting in the Parliament made you think so, then I’m afraid you’re grossly mistaken. I’ve personally met people who love watching English plays, films and nail their British accent to perfection.


8. You’re good-looking. You can’t be a Bihari.

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Ever heard of Sushant Singh Rajput folks? There is this weird misconception that Biharis can be easily recognized by their ordinary looks. And why is that so? Even if Priyanka Chopra, Neha Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha and Sushant Singh Rajput aren’t good enough to break the delusion, you need to open your eyes then.


9. Biharis have no fashion sense

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Well, to put in better words. We like to dress up simply and comfortably. Although the fact remains that we avoid colouring our hair or wearing skinny coloured tights but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got a taste, does it? We love dressing up for parties and are a great company to friends. Don’t believe it. Play the Lollipop song and see it for yourself.

PS: Dhotis and saris will always remain our favourite.


10. Biharis are greedy dowry seekers

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Unfortunately, dowry system prevails all over the country and Bihar is no exception. We don’t advocate a dowry-free state but we try to discourage this social vice as much as we can.


PS: Being a genuine Bihari girl, I pity those people who are ashamed of revealing their real roots for the fear of being judged by others. Feel proud of what you are. If you won’t believe in yourself, then who will!