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I am a Bookworm: Advantages of the Book-Lover Life


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There’s nothing wrong in saying proudly, “I am a bookworm, a total book-lover and a true blue bibliophile!” You know why? Because there are so many advantages and plus sides of being so. People might have made fun of you for being a bookworm many a times but is it really wrong to be one? If you love books, then you should enjoy them unapologetically as you are doing nothing wrong.


Books can contribute to your personality and as far as you take and learn the right things out of them, don’t let people make you think otherwise. Here are some of the pros of being a bookworm and why you should wear the badge with pride:


1. Books sow the seeds of creativity and help it blossom

We all have those uninspiring days when no idea or plan seems to be working as nothing seems good enough. Reading a book certainly will more often than not inspire you and give you ideas. Books have the capacity to get out the creativity in you as it is the vessel through which your thinking skills can be enhanced.


2. Books stretch your imagination and make you believe that nothing is impossible

What are we without our imagination, nothing right? Books can help expand our mind to another level and tap the imaginative side in you. Reading fantasy or other fiction and non-fiction books helps you imagine the different settings, places the stories are being told in. It also induces the confidence in you as all this brain activity is good for you.


3. Reading gives perspective and helps you understand different points of view

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It easy to create and live in your own shell where nothing is new which makes you feel comfortable. But why would you want to live in such a bubble? Reading helps you gain perspective on various facets of life whether it is knowing the life of different people, experiences and problems of the characters and much more. Books help us learn about life and aids us to broaden our horizons instead being confined to one shallow belief.


4. Books teleport you to places right from the comfort of your living room!

As they say, books are best way to travel the world for free. Books will give you the insight and a better outlook towards the world which can also spark the desire of seeing the world first hand in you. Stories set in different communities and countries also serves as knowledge regarding various cultures and the kind of life people live in a particular region.


5. Get ready to become a charmer, for books help you to become a great conversationalist

Honestly, a person a who reads books has all he/she needs to maintain a good conversation. Reading books will give you a plethora of information which can make for an interesting conversation. You surely must have seen two people bonding over reading the same books in films, you never know that could happen in real life too!


6. Reading will give you that top-notch polished vocabulary that you can flaunt to your heart’s delight

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It is no secret that reading more and more will increase your vocabulary. Speaking from my personal experience, it helped me learn new words and get a better grip of English. Reading books is the best way to master any language. Reading loud can also help with getting pronunciation of difficult words correctly.


7. Reading is like fodder to your mind

It is easy to get lost and lose hope in life and reading books can instill the positivity in you which you need. Reading can give the right food to your mind as indulging in books about people who have gone through the same situations as you have, can help you face those things and get over them in a much better way.


8. Reading is a stress buster and balm for the soul

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After a hard day’s work or a stressful evening, reading will help you relax. It is a real stress buster and it also calms you down. Curling up in your bed and reading before you go to sleep does contribute in waking up super fresh the next morning.


9. Reading helps you to focus and enhance your concentration

Reading books contributes immensely in your ability to focus and in fact does enhance your concentration. Reading books has the old-school immersive effect that can help you shut all the unnecessary noise around you. With so many technological and other distractions thriving in the world, reading can help you focus better.


10. Here’s the best part – Reading teaches you how to enjoy your own company

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I know that many people are often afraid of spending time alone, but there is no reason to be nervous. There a lot of things one can do to enjoy their own company but reading is by far the best way to do it. Whenever you are by yourself and want to pass time, just pick up a book. Come on, you ought to give it a try!