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Chubby and Curvy Women: Style and Fashion Tips

fashion and styling tips for curvy woman
Fashion and styling tips for curvy Indian woman

Indian women who are predominantly chubby and curvy should adhere to specific fashion and style tips that will only add to their awesomeness. While curvy women have widely been accepted in the West, Indian women still vouch for skinny body types.


With a few easy tips and styling ideas you can sure flaunt your curves confidently. Here is a list of all the things you need to keep in mind if you are curvy or even slightly chubby.


1. Make high-waist jeans your style staple

high waisted jeans for curvy women
High-waist jeans are best option for curvy women

High-waist jeans, be it skinny, straight or flared, look amazing on curvy women. They help them in hiding away the unwanted belly-fat and highlight their waist. High-waisted jeans go well with a variety of tops and T-shirts too.


 2. Opt for chiffon and georgette saris

georgette saris for curvy woman
Georgette saris cling to body and give a slimmer appearance

Unlike skinny women whose styling tips would include wearing voluminous materials, curvy women need saris in fabric that are not thick. Georgette, chiffon and satin saris are a good option as they cling to your body and give you a slimmer appearance.


3. Bare a little cleavage in V-necklines

Curvy women should opt for V-necklines as opposed to other necklines. They give you a slimmer appearance and you also get to flaunt a little cleavage. Get your sari-blouses and tops in V-necklines and get ready to be showered with compliments.


4. Choose the right bra and feel free to use shapewear

right bra for curvy women
Choosing the right bra is very essential for curvy women

Wearing proper fitted bras and makes a lot of difference to your whole look. Measure your size and choose your bra with proper care. Shapewear too is a boon to curvy women. Wear the one which perfectly fits your bill and flaunts your curves.


5. Flaunt your curves in well-fitted salwar suits

Curvy women should opt for fitted salwar suits as they are best suited to them. Anarkalis add more volume to your body and curvy women should stay away from them.


6. Waist belts are ultimate life saviours

It is about time that women start understanding the importance of waist belts. They are just not a necessity but also make for a statement accessory. Wide and broad waist belts help curvy women in defining their waist in turn leading to accentuated curves.


7. Choose empire line, shift, wrap, maxi and asymmetric hemline dresses over body hugging dresses

curvy women in maxi dress
Maxi dresses help in hiding away the flaws of curvy women

Curvy women’s body types are such that they can rock a variety of dress types such as maxi, shift, wrap and empire line. All these types of dresses fall perfectly on a curvy body and hide away the imperfections. Just avoid or refrain from wearing bodycon dresses as they cling to your body giving an unpleasant appearance.


8. Go for pencil, A-line and flared skirts 

Pencil skirts are best suited on a curvy body as they highlight the curves. A-line and flared skirts also look good on them. Just make sure that the length of skirt is not too short as the hemline might rise a bit from the back and lead to wardrobe malfunction.


9. Do not go overboard with very loose or very tight outfits

Curvy women should stay away from loose or extremely tight clothing items. Loose clothes are going to make you appear large whereas too tight outfits would highlight your flaws. Instead opt for well fitted clothes that define your curves.


10. Go for shades in darker hues

dark shades for curvy women
Darker shades are best suited for curvy women

Black, blue, maroon, brown and other darker shades are your best bet as they absorb light and give you a slimmer appearance. If you want to try on different colours, make sure that your bottoms are of darker shade as compared to tops.


11. Vertical stripes give you a slimmer appearance

curvy women in vertical stripes
Vertical stripes elongate and slim down body frame

For curvy women, clothing items with vertical stripes are timeless fashion pieces they should have in their wardrobe. They elongate your body and give you a slimmer appearance. Stack up your wardrobe with vertical striped trousers, tops, and skirts.


12. Wear tops and kurtis with three quarter or full length sleeves

One main problem that women with curvy bodies face is flabby arms. To hide them away, wear tops and kurtis with three quarter or full sleeves. You can also opt for bell sleeves or ruffled sleeves for a more stylish look.


13. Heels are perfect to accentuate your curves

heels for curvy women
Heels help in accentuating curves

Instead of opting for flats, curvy women should go for heels. Heels along with adding a few extra inches to your body, also give an overall slimming effect to your look.


14. Make sure length of your skirts and dresses is not too short

short dress curvy women
Very short dresses are a complete no for curvy women

Choose the length of your dresses and skirts wisely as too much show off of thigh fat is undesirable. Wear skirts and dresses which end just above or below the knees as that is where your legs start slimming down.


15. Embrace your curves and be confident in what you wear

be happy in your body curvy women
Be happy and confident about your body

Instead of envying those skinny models, embrace your curves. Even after following all of the above tips, if you are not confident about yourself and your body, you will not be able to carry any outfit. Just be confident and carry your outfit with grace and style. Do not let any inhibitions come your way.