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Fashion and Style Tips for Skinny Indian Girls

indian skinny women styling tips
Fashion and styling tips for skinny Indian woman

What are the best fashion and style tips for skinny girls? For skinny Indian women, dressing up can be a tedious task. Women in India are known for their curvy bodies and thus being an Indian skinny girl means that you have fewer choices – or so they say!


Skinny girls have to make sure that they look their best and style themselves in a way that they hide their wiry frames. Here are some tips and tricks for Indian skinny girls to keep their style game on point.


1. Wear patialas, palazzos and dhoti pants instead of churidars and leggings

patiala for skinny woman
Patialas are better than churidars for a skinny Indian girl

Indian girls love their salwar-kameez as much as they love wearing denims. Salwar suits with churidars or leggings might not look as appealing on skinny girls as they look on curvy girls. You can exchange churidars with patialas and palazzos and rock your desi look.


2. Say hello to anarkalis and bye-bye to straight-cut kurtis

Anarkalis are a fashion staple in an Indian girl’s wardrobe. They add volume and dimension to the body as compared to straight-cut kurtis. It is the best bet for skinny girls when they are in a major fashion dilemma.


3. Opt for cotton or silk sari-blouse over georgette, satin and chiffon ones

cotton saris for skinny women
Saris with thick fabric add more volume to body

You may have been inspired from our Bollywood heroines to wear thin chiffon saris but they stick to body and make your body look even more lean. Opt for fabrics like cotton or pure silk as they are comparatively thicker. Also keep in mind to not drape the sari too tight.


4. Make padded bras your best friend

bra size measurement guide for Indian women
Padded bras suit skinny women better

Finding a good fitted bra can be very tricky for skinny girls. For them padded bras are an answer to almost all their lingerie problems. Apart from adding volume to breasts, it will also enhance your cleavage and add a new dimension to your whole look.


5. Layer your outfits with dupattas, stoles, shrugs, jackets and coats

skinny Indian woman fashion tips dupatta
A dupatta or a stole will perfectly cover up a lean frame

You can add up a dupatta or stole to your look. This way you would end up camouflaging your skinny frame and also make a style statement.

indian skinny woman in jacket
Jacket and stole give a new dimension of volume to the outfit

Jackets, coats and shrugs are also preferred for layering by skinny women. They will not only give you a new look but also provide you help to hide your skinny body.


6. Do not wear body-hugging outfits unless you want to look like a hanger

skinny girl waist jeans photo
Body hugging outfits and jeans are a misfit for skinny Indian girls

Tight, body-hugging outfits are designed for curvy girls to highlight their curves. Skinny girls should stay away from such outfits as the tight fit would fall loose and look ill-fitted on their slender body. Instead of owning the outfit, they might end up looking like a skeleton on a hanger.


7. Spruce up your wardrobe with chunky accessories to add volume to your lean frame

chunky accessories for skinny women
Add accessories to your look to spruce it up

One of the main problems that skinny girls face is having very narrow wrists and hands. Stack up broad wooden bangles or bracelets to give an illusion of a broad wrist. You can also wear big, chunky necklaces to add a new dimension to your upper body.


8. Stay away from skin tight denims, go for boyfriend jeans of baggy jeans

skinny woman in baggy loose denims
A skinny woman in loose jeans

Skinny denims are everyone’s favourite but finding a good pair of denim for skinny girls can be a problem. It is advised that skinny girls should not go for skin tight denims as the fabric they would stick to their legs and make them appear slimmer. Instead, baggy or loose denims are perfect option for they would make the lower body look more voluminous.


9. Look out for loose oversized t-shirts and tops

skinny woman in loose t-shirt
A skinny woman wearing loose t-shirt

Loose oversized T-shirts and tops are a cool style statement and life saviours for skinny girls. They won’t highlight your thin frame and instead give a fuller look to your outfit.


10. Ditch sleeveless tops, pick cold shoulders, peplum and blouson tops

skinny woman in cold shoulder blouse
Cold shoulder sleeves do not highlight skinny arms

Sleeveless tops are a big turn off for skinny girls as they attract attention towards their thin arms. Cold shoulders and off-shoulders are a good option as they highlight chiselled collarbones. Peplums and blouson tops can also be a great addition to your wardrobe as they will divert attention from your flat-chest and draw attention to the tiny waist.


11. Wear horizontal, not vertical stripes

skinny women horizontal striped tops
Horizontal stripes broaden lean frame of a skinny woman

Stripes are style favourites and are never going to get out of fashion. One thumb rule for skinny girls is to never ever wear vertical stripes as they lengthen your body and make you look slim. If you are a skinny Indian girl, make horizontal stripes your fashion call as they will broaden your slender frame.


12. Choose flared skirts and dresses to add volume to your outfits

long skirt for skinny woman
Long and flared skirts are perfect sartorial picks of skinny girls

Flared skirts and dresses look more feminine as compared to a-line or straight skirts and dresses. They are also a boon for skinny girls as the flare adds volume to the overall look.


13. Say no to heels and opt for flats or long boots

skinny woman in flats
Wear flats instead of heels if you are skinny

Heels make you look slim and give curves a proper definition. When you are naturally skinny, you lack those envious curves and thus you should stay away from wearing heels. Either wear flats or long boots as they would help you in hiding skinny legs.


14. Play around with bright colours and prints

Being skinny has advantages too. You do not need to worry about which colour would suit you and which won’t. You can dress up in any colour of your choice without any worries. Just make sure that you do not put off an all-black look as you would will look even thinner. Also, you can look out for big prints as they would will add extra body to your look.


15. Avoid leg show with shorts and mini skirts

For skinny girl, wearing shorts and mini skirts means having their skinny legs as centre of attraction which is a big no. Instead opt for long skirts and flared trousers.