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Gujarati People and Culture: Common Myths DEBUNKED

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Kem Cho, Saru Che, Majama? Garba, Dhokla, Fafda? Myths and misconceptions about the Gujarati community are endless. From garba to dhokla, the land of Kem Cho has several stereotypes.


From some of the very popular ones such as every Gujarati is a businessmen to the recent ones such as Narendra Modi is role model of every Gujarat, here is a list of all such myths related to Gujarat and Gujaratis that need to be busted.


1. Most Gujaratis are businessmen

Source: Giphy

No doubt some of the top businessmen of our country hail from Gujarat, but not every one from the state aspires to be a businessman. Some of the best engineering, law and designing students hail Gujarat.


2. Gujarati food is sweet

Gujarati people are sweet. You would rarely ever come across a Gujarati who is rude or arrogant. But that does not necessarily have to mean that we eat sweet food. What you get in Gujarati restaurants is completely different from what actually Gujaratis prepare at home. Try eating sev tameta nu shaak with lasan ni chutney and you will get a taste of Gujarati food.


3. Gujaratis do garba anytime, anywhere

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Yeah every Gujarati has garba in his/her blood but that doesn’t mean we do only garba. Garba is reserved for Navratri, marriages and other traditional functions. A Gujarati can for sure burn the dance floor with his/her dance moves apart from garba.


4. All Gujarati plan to settle abroad

You can find small parts of Gujarat in each and every part of the world but not every Gujarati has a relative abroad or wishes to settle there. For sure foreign ma vacation is the ultimate nirvana for us, but nothing beats the feel of a walk at Riverfront or early morning visit to Dumas beach.


5. Gujaratis are non-alcoholic

No doubt Gujarat is a dry state. But we do get access to our share of booze courtesy Daman-Diu, Mt. Abu and Ratanpur. Every weekend you can find lots of cars with “GJ” on their number plate thronging to the neighbouring states and union territories of Gujarat.


6. All Gujaratis eat is thepla, fafda and khaman

delicious khaman

There is more to Gujarati food than theplas and fafdas. You can check out by yourself a list of all amazing food items that Gujarat has to offer. Also Gujarat is home to some of the best Punjabi as well as South Indian restaurants.


7. Every Gujarati pronounces “hall” as “hole” and “test” as “taste”

Like every other linguistic community, Gujaratis do have a typical accent. That does not necessarily have to mean that every Gujarati misspells “hall” as “hole”. You need to check out Mukesh Ambani giving a speech to get rid off the misconception.


8. Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma is every Gujarati’s favourite TV show

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No doubt Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma is a fun show to watch and it surely does have a wide fan following. Though not every Gujarati is a fan of the TV show. We have equal number of people in the state who are enthusiastic about Game of Thrones and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


9. Every Gujarati has a common role model in Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi’s success story has inspired people throughout India. From a tea-seller to being the Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world, he is truly an inspiration. But not everyone aspires to be like him. There are critics and non-supporters of him in Gujarat too.


10. All Gujaratis fancy about is food

We Gujaratis have a liking for food and who wouldn’t when there are various types of the same cuisine available throughout the state. But we are equally enthusiastic about sports, travel and fashion. Food is neither our topmost priority nor a hot topic for discussion.


11. Gujaratis hate non-vegetarian food

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Being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, Gujaratis are not a fan of violence and bloodshed but they do enjoy non-vegetarian food as much as vegetarian. Almost every city in the state has a lane or an area where you get some lip-smacking non-veg food. Next time you visit Gujarat, do not forget to visit Bhatiyar Galli in Ahmedabad to treat your tastebuds to mouth watering kebabs and tandooris.


12. For Gujaratis, everyone is either their bhai or ben

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Addressing someone as a bhai or ben is a sign of giving respect in Gujarat. It does not mean that for every Gujarati every other person is their brother or sister. So next time when a hot Gujarati girl addresses you as bhai do not take it the literal way and get disheartened.


13. No one can beat Gujaratis when it comes to bargaining

Like any other person, Gujaratis do bargain a little but they are not the masters of bargaining. You can actually take lessons from a Delhi girl shopping in Sarojini Nagar if you want to actually learn bargaining rather than a Gujarati.


14. Every Gujarati sentence ends with word che

Non-Gujaratis think that every Gujarati sentence ends with word che. For them anything and everything ending with che, even if it doesn’t make sense is a Gujarati sentence. A non-Gujarati would proudly say the sentence su che, saaru che, danda leke maaru che and proclaim that he has mastered the language.