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How to Choose and Measure the Right Bra Size in India

bra size measurement guide Indian women
Bra size measurement guide for Indian women

How to find the right bra size? How should I measure my bust size? Which bra should I choose? All these are real-life questions whose answers are more than just straight-forward.


Just like you should be wearing well-fitted clothes, wearing a well-fitted bra is also equally necessary. Indian women are traditionally seldom taught how to measure their bra size and it is assumed that they would learn it over the course of time.


With changing time, it is necessary that women start measuring their bra size perfectly and that too on their own. Apart from measuring, this post also highlights other tips that one needs to take care of while buying bras in India.


How to measure your bra size: Tips for Indian women

1. Start off with measuring your band size

bra band size measurement
Correct way to measure bra band size

Stand in the front of a mirror. Take a tape and run it around your rib cage just below your breasts. Make sure your arms don’t stretch and the tape is horizontal. Don’t let the tape become too loose or tight.


The measurement that you get in inches is your band size. If the number is even that is precisely your band size but if the number is odd, you need to check for both the band sizes above and below it. For example, if your measurement comes out to be 31, you need to check both 30 and 32 band size bras.


2. Next, measure your cup size

bra cup size measurement
Correct way to measure bra cup size

Finding the correct cup size is as much important as finding the correct band size. To measure your cup size, run the tap around the fullest part of your breast, probably around the nipples. Do not pull the tape too tight.


Note down the number in inches. Now to determine your cup size, you need to subtract your band size from the cup size. The result derived after subtraction is your cup size. If the difference is 1”, then your cup size is A; if it is 2”, then your cup size is B; and so on. For cup sizes beyond D you need to check with the size chart of each brand.


3. Take help in measuring if needed

bra size measurement indian women
Measuring bra size on your own can be complicated

When it comes to measuring bra size, it may get a bit uncomfortable to do it on your own. What you can do is to take the help of your mother or sister. It will make chances of mistake in measurement negligible.


How to choose the right bra in India: Tips to consider before you go bra shopping

1. Check online bra size calculators and size charts

Not every brand is going to follow the same size chart. A brand based out of India might have a completely different size chart as compared to the one based here. It is essential that you take the help of online bra size calculators and charts of the brand you buy.


2. Be updated with your bra size

ill fitted bra
Tight and Ill-fitted bras can leads to serious health problems

Bra size can change just like your waist depending on weight loss or gain. If you put on 2 kgs of weight, your bra size is going to increase and it will decrease if you lose weight. It is advisable to measure your bra size at regular intervals or at least each time you go lingerie shopping.


3. Keep in mind that both the breasts aren’t of the exact same size

adding pads to bra
Woman adding pads to enhance cleavage

If each of your breasts is of different size, opt for the cup size which is larger of the two. You can add silicone padding in the smaller cup or even shorten the shoulder tap to get the perfect fit. A smaller size would only make the cups bulge out and spoil your whole look.


4. Consider the hot and humid climate of India before choosing bra fabric

Models in satin-clad bras do attract a large number of women to buy them. Before buying a bra we should keep in mind the climate conditions of our country. It is hot and humid most time of the year and a satin bra is only going to make you feel uncomfortable all day. For Indian climate, it is advisable to choose a bra made up of cotton.


5. Don’t blindly follow bra advice from your mom, didi or a local lingerie sales person

Indian women have the tendency to follow the guidance of their mothers or other elder women in the family or the salesman/woman for buying bras. No one will be able to know what fits you better than your own self. Also, it is possible that two women of same size theoretically have different size practically because of different breast shape.


6. Bust the myth that padded and underwire bras suit everyone

Indian women have the notion that padded bras are the best bras and they are an answer to all their bra problems. This is not true at all. Padded bras are meant for women with smaller breast to give the illusion of a fuller bust. A woman with naturally larger bust should avoid buying push bras.


7. Different type of clothing demands different types of bra

A single type of bra is never going to work with each of your outfits. Indian women do not feel the need to buy different bras for different outfits as they are a bit expensive. But it is about time they understand that a normal bra cannot be used while working out and a t-shirt bra cannot be worn under a salwar kameez.