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I don’t like going to parties: I’m NOT boring


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Okay, there I said it – I don’t like going to parties. But hey, that DOES NOT mean I’m boring! Parties symbolize fun, thrill, excitement but to some people like me, they are just a reason to be avoided. So, does that mean I’m a boring person because I don’t go to these noisy soirees? Well, there may be millions who enjoy ganging up with friends till late but there are also those few hundreds who can elucidate numerous points for not joining a party.


This post sheds some light upon a few concrete facts about why people avoid going to parties and why every party-hater does not make for uninteresting company to be with.


1. Loud music doesn’t allow me to have good conversations with friends

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It’s a universal truth that parties reverberate with music playing on high volume where people love to converse each other by screaming in each other’s ears. That certainly doesn’t qualify for a good friendly conversation, fellas. We’re looking for some tranquility.


2. I love music, NOT cacophony

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I just don’t get the fact when did music become noise? How can it be correlated with amusement? Hard rock, jazz, bass or electronic, they suddenly sound as thumping beats at these celebrations. It’s really a pain to stand this newer kind of rave music!


3. I can dance my heart out but not before strangers

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Well, like others we people too like dancing but within the range of our loved ones. Posing seductively and letting our hair down in the presence of strangers are not just our cup of tea.


4. I’d much rather immerse myself in books

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Nothing can really be compared to the idea of immersing wholly and solely in the world of books. Can parties give you that comfort and peace of mind?


5. Instead of a drunken weekend, I prefer getting high on a road trip

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The word weekend itself comes with a lot of excitement and party animals just find it irresistible to get high on booze at late-night events. On the contrary, people like us love to plan a quick road trip with a crate of our favourite beverages. Now, which one sounds more exciting?


6. Over-expensive food and drinks are not my thing

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Alright. Here’s a confession! Despite of all the hatred, I admit that somewhere sometime we party loners did gather courage to enter a party but over-expensive food and drinks left us heart-broken. Won’t a relaxing dine out serve our taste buds better?


7. I’m too lazy to dress up hot every weekend

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No, seriously. People deserve applause for having a tremendous capacity to look hot at bashes, that too almost every weekend. Major reason for retracing the steps.


8. It’s better to curl up in bed and enjoy some good movies

While the entire city lets their hair down at late-night parties, I love cozying up in bed and enjoy watching some light-hearted, feel good Bollywood movies. Oh, popcorn come as bonus.


9. I like meaningful socializing, not empty air kisses and hellos

Instead of shouting heads off at parties, I would rather prefer meaningful socializing with loved ones, long-lost friends or pursuing some favourite hobbies like painting, photography, etc.


10. I just can’t be myself at parties and I hate anything and everything which doesn’t allow ME to be ME

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The most logical excuse that every party-hater gives is that he/she misses being himself/herself at such evenings. Nonetheless, the fact remains that people come to parties to discover a different side of their life.


11. I hate posing constantly for selfies

deols taking selfie with kapilA gathering can’t be imagined without selfies. However, these frequent selfie-sessions sometimes become so traumatizing for a person that he is left with only one choice, head out of a party!


12. Hangovers are too heavy to handle

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People who like occasional drinks always complain of having a hangover post a party session. Drinking breezers or sipping on some soft drinks is just not an available option there.


13. I can’t stand fake conversations

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The most difficult person a party-hater comes across is to deal with fake conversations with random friends-of-friends just to kill the time. An acquaintance only makes it worse.


14. I can’t stand at corners all time long

At times, a party becomes so crowded and noisier that you have to find a corner for yourself. Sometimes we also have to compromise by standing outside washrooms. A loud sigh!


15. I can’t sacrifice my sleep

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Last but not the least, we are a bunch of lazy people who can sacrifice anything for a good sleep. After all, someone has rightly said, “early to bed early to rise makes a man wise”.