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India’s selfie addiction: Selfies with celebrities


Excuse the unparliamentary language but WTF! ‘Selfie addiction’ and ‘Selfie craze’ are words that we’ve thrown around casually. But there is nothing casual about it any longer. Taking selfies is one thing but when did it become OK to barge into people’s faces and take a picture with them? See these visuals our cameras captured as Malaika Arora Khan arriving at the docks at Gateway of India. She was returning from SRK’s birthday party in Alibaug.

OMG 😲 Our cameras witnessed chaotic scenes at the Gateway of India where Malaika and the gang returned by boat from SRK’s birthday party in Alibaug. Many guys tried taking selfies with the celebs and a few creeps even blocked Malaika’s way and forcibly took a selfies with her…almost as if she had no choice but to be in the same picture with a complete stranger 😲 Her sister Amrita Arora, Chunky Panday, Sanjay Kapoor and his daughter Shanaya were also caught in this selfie storm. C’mon guys we all are die-hard Bollywood fans but this is taking it to a crazy level…keep calm and ask the celebs if they want to take a selfie with you. If not, wait for your next chance. Be nice…it always comes around ❤️❤️

Posted by Voompla on Friday, November 3, 2017

Clearly you can see, not just young guys but also grown up men almost FORCING their way into Malaika’s face and taking selfies with her. For all the guys who did this, sorry but someone has to call you out for being creeps. We are sure that there will be an army of people who’ll be ready to say things like ‘They are celebrities, they should expect this’ and what not. Well that’s not true and here’s why.


1. You are a creep

There are legal reasons not to force anyone to take selfies with you. There are moral reasons. There is common sense. There is reason after reason after reason. But if you are truly captivated by this kind of a selfie addiction then the one reason that truly encompasses the urge to force a woman to take selfies with you is that you are a creep.


Don’t know that that means? A quick Google search gives us a few synonyms of creep – rogue, villain, sycophant, scumbag, pig, etc etc. Now we’re not saying that you are all this. But if forcing women to take selfies with you is your idea of fun, maybe you should stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself if any of these synonyms seems like the person you’re looking at.


2. We thought you were sanskaari?

Would it be wrong in assuming that some of the men who are seen forcing their way into Malaika Arora Khan’s face would go home and preach sanskaar to their kids, relatives and family? Is that sanskaar conveniently forgotten when they see their celeb crush? And before any of you start classifying this as a Left vs Right debate (obviously because the word sanskaar has been used), it is NOT. It is just about exposing double standards of people who’re probably come out all guns blazing if a stranger took selfies with their sister, wife, mother…but will happily do the same to another woman.


3. What if you forced a girl to take a selfie with you

Celebrities are often easy targets. People simply assume that it is ok to walk up to celebs and take pictures with them. Case in point this situation with Malaika, what if it was another girl and you forcibly took a selfie with her? You’d probably face a thappad first, mob fury, then a grand welcome at the local police station. Let that sink in.


4. Selfies vs Pictures: Difference between taking a picture of someone, and with someone

A lot of people will argue that the media does the same thing. Well, NO. The media takes pictures of celebrities. There is a difference between taking a picture OF someone, and WITH someone.


5. Forceful selfies: It is probably against the law

We’re not legal experts so don’t start quoting sections of the IPC. But, we assume that it is probably a case of harassment of some sort if a guy forces a girl to take a selfie with him, or vice versa. Just because celebrities don’t react doesn’t mean that a wrong becomes a right. Controversies are enough in tinsel town and the last thing celebrities want is another trial by media.


6. Respect others: No means no

As cliché as it sounds, where is the damn sense of respect? You don’t just walk into someone’s face and force them to be in the same frame as you. There is a word called respect and it is basic common sense to respect other people and their boundaries. And this applies to selfies too.


When someone says they don’t want to take a selfie with you, it really means that they don’t want to take a selfie with you. Don’t try to find a hidden meaning or think that a no will become a yes if you just barge in.


7. Selfies with celebrities: ASK

Die-hard fan of Malaika Arora Khan? Take a picture of her when you spot her but don’t just walk into her face and click a selfie! If you want a picture, ask politely. We’ve covered almost all celebrities at parties, events, airport, public spaces…and have seen that often celebrities do take a few moments to take pictures with fans. Sometimes they may be in a hurry or not in the mood, but asking nicely CAN get the job done.

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