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Jeans Fitting and Sizes for Indian Women: How to Find the Perfect Fit

Jeans with perfect fitting

How to find the perfect size when it comes to jeans? Fitting and sizing problems for jeans are more common than you think, especially for Indian women who are perceived to be a bit curvier than their western counterparts.


A good pair of fitted jeans can be worn anywhere and everywhere however finding a pair of fitted jeans that look perfect is quite a task.

Here we are going to discuss some common problems that a woman faces while buying a good pair of jeans.


1. When your jeans is tight from the waist

jeans tight at waist
Skinny jeans tight from waist

Everyone loves skinny jeans, isn’t it? Though they accentuate your curves perfectly, they might be tight from the waist for a lot of women.

Tip: All you need to do to get rid of the tight waist is to cut out a V-shape from both the side seams and then sew in a rectangular piece of denim. This way you would have added a few extra inches to your pair of jeans.


2. When your jeans is a bit loose from the waist

jeans loose from waist
Jeans with loose fitting at waist

Sometimes it may happen that a pair of jeans fits perfectly everywhere except your waist. You might have a thin waist as compared to the rest of your lower body.

Tip: If the jeans is not too much loose at the waist, you can wear a fitted belt to get the perfect fitting.


3. When your pair of jeans is too long

jeans long in length
Folding jeans to decrease its length

Many times, it may happen to short women that though the waist fitting is perfect, the length of jeans is too much.

Tip 1: You can simply cut off the excess length and stitch the hem of your jeans again. This way you can have a perfect pair of jeans without any compromises.

Tip 2: Another easy temporary solution could be just to fold your jeans from the bottom.


4. When your pair of jeans is tight from the hips

jeans fitted at hips and thighs
Jeans which is tight at hips

Indian women are curvy and many them tend to have a bigger butt. If you look out for a jeans which fits you perfectly at the waist, you can end up buying a pair which is too fitted at the hips.

Tip: Soak your jeans in a tub of lukewarm water. You can soak whole of your jeans or just damped the part where you want to stretch. Stretch the hips around your hips and thighs. Press a hot iron over it. This way you would have loosen your jeans a bit enough to put it on.


5. When your pair of jeans is too fitted at the knees

jeans with slit at knees
Jeans with knee-slit fitting perfectly

There are  a certain pair of jeans that fit you perfectly everywhere but restrict movement at your knees.

Tip: If you already have a pair of jeans that is tight from the knees, all you need to do is a slit at the knees. Jeans with slit at the knees are a fashion favourite at the moment.


6. When your pair of jeans has turned loose

ripped loose jeans
Women in a pair of ripped loose jeans

So, you have been working out rigorously for quite some time and lost weight and this has led to almost all your jeans being a bit loose.

Tip: With the help of a blade you can rip your jeans a bit. Loose jeans with ripped effect are surely going to get you a lot of complements.


7. When your pair of jeans is too low-waist

low waist jeans
Jeans with extremely low waist

Low waist jeans are sexy and in vogue, but at the same time they end up revealing more than required at many occasions.

Tip: A simple solution to this problem is to wear a long top or tuck in a shirt or top into it.This way you would be spared of unnecessary glances and it also helps curvy women to hide the unwanted muffin top.


8. When your pair of jeans is too loose for your ankles

Though flared jeans are back in vogue; skinny jeans still rule the fashion scene. You might probably have a pair of jeans that might fit you at the waist but is loose at the ankle.

Tip: To get rid of loose ankle, all you need to do is hold all the excess fabric in your hand and draw a line using chalk on the seam of jeans. Sew along that chalk line and cut off the excess fabric. You would end up with a pair of jeans that fits perfectly at your ankle.