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Jhanvi Kapoor’s Best Pics: Hottest Looks and Style Statements


Jhanvi Kapoor’s best pics are not carefully posed photos and photoshoots. Gone are the 90s and 2000s. This day and age is all about the hottest looks from everyday pictures. Airport, gym, parties, fashion events and what not – this young Bollywood actress to be has changed the game when it comes to how an upcoming star is seen in the media eye.


Jhanvi Kapoor is probably one of the hottest Bollywood Star Kids on the block right now. Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s daughter is just 21 years old but she is not camera shy. We’ve hardly come across photos of Jhanvi Kapoor that have bad poses. She seems to be a pro at the art of ‘posing but not posing’. Every one of her pics seems to have a candid angle to them. We’ve gone through a ton of Jhanvi Kapoor’s pictures from the day she was introduced to the media to this latest moment – and selected some of the best candid pictures of the Bollywood newbie along with her hottest style statements at events and on the red carpet.

Jhanvi Kapoor hot pic backless top jeans
20 year old star kid Jhanvi is not camera shy. She has made super hot style statements at parties and events. Pictured here at Manish Malhotra’s apartment where she had come for a party.

Just when we thought that jeans could look hot only when they’re skinny, Jhanvi changed it all with her look at Manish Malhotra’s party. Jeans have been a staple for Bollywood actresses but this time Jhanvi paired her casual looking loose fitted jean with a backless top for a sizzling style statement.

Jhanvi Kapoor hot pic gym shorts workout clothes
Jhanvi Kapoor seen in gym shorts! Since the day there have been rumours of Jhanvi’s big Bollywood debut, she has been seen regularly outside her dance class. Guess this upcoming star is taking her fitness seriously and preparing hard for her big debut!

Jhanvi Kapoor pictured outside her gym in her workout clothes. It may sound easy but it is anything but that, to remain calm and composed when tens of cameras are going click click click when you least expect them to. The cameras clicked this upcoming actress in shorts after a workout and she remained composed as she walked out the venue and into her waiting car.

Jhanvi Kapoor sister Khushi Kapoor at party
Bollywood star kids Jhanvi (20) and younger sister Khushi have taken the media by storm. Jhanvi is regularly seen and sister Khushi is often seen with her at events and parties.

These pictures of Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor were from a grand party hosted by the Ambani’s at their Antilla home on Altamount Road in Mumbai.

Jhanvi Kapoor candid pics shy smile expressions
Our cameras clicked Jhanvi Kapoor at her candid best outside her dance class in Bandra… pretty na?

These candid pictures could easily pass off as a well-planned photo shoot but they’re not. Jhanvi was clicked while leaving her dance class.

Jhanvi Kapoor jeans at airport with dad Boney Kapoor
Jhanvi Kapoor rocks jeans and heels…clicked in a candid moment with dad Boney Kapoor

Jhanvi Kapoor’s sweet moment with dad Boney Kapoor captured on cameras at Mumbai airport.

Stylish look Jhanvi Kapoor style elegant top pants
And if you thought that Jhanvi’s style statements were all cool and trendy you’re mistaken. Here she is pictured in classic pants and an elegant top paired with Louboutins at a Bollywood party

Usually seen in trendy outfits, Jhanvi went classy at a Bollywood party. She wore stylish blue trousers paired with a lady-like elegant top and Louboutin heels.

Jhanvi Kapoor airport look black strapless dress
Airport looks have blown out of proportions and have become THE style statement to make for Bollywood celebs. Jhanvi clicked in a spaghetti strap dress and sneakers at Mumbai airport.
Jhanvi Khushi at airport holding hands
Pretty sisters Jhanvi and Khushi holding hands as they walk out of the airport

Khushi is nearly 4 years younger than Jhanvi, who herself is just 20. But she seems to be handling being in the limelight quite well. Seen here holding hands with Jhanvi at the airport.

Jhanvi Kapoor indian clothes salwar kameez Bandra
Jhanvi Kapoor goes simple and desi…spotted in a salwaar kameez in Bandra

Some seriously pretty desi vibes as our cameras clicked Jhanvi Kapoor after her dance rehearsals.

Music concert Jhanvi Kapoor
Jhanvi seen after partying at a music concert in Mumbai
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