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Punjabi People and Culture: What NOT to Believe

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Myths and misconceptions about Punjabi people and culture have been circulating for many years and I am going bust some of them right here. Rich culture, friendly attitude and distinctive individual traits are what Punjabi’s are known for, but we often believe what we see of them in Bollywood movies and popular depictions.


Following are 17 myths about Punjabis which are funny and entertaining and totally worth busting.


1. All Punjabis drink excessively

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If you can, why wouldn’t you drink too much? Punjabis are not known to hold their alcohol too well but they can certainly give you a run for your money if you try to compete with one. We suggest you don’t try.


2. Punjabis can’t resist chicken

It is no secret that Punjabis love their chicken. With butter chicken being one of their most popular dishes, trust Punjabis to enjoy their food and chicken is just a part of it, right?


3.  Punjabis love to splurge on weddings

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Bollywood has certainly played a part in this, as most of the Punjabi weddings shown in movies are as grand as they get. It is not entirely true but as they say, the party which follows a wedding is even grander.


4. All Punjabis wish to migrate to Canada

Not true. It is a fact that there are a lot of Punjabis in this Western country but it is not the only place they have migrated to. UK also holds a large number of Punjabis and so does Norway. And hey, there are tons of amazingly successful Punjabis in India too, right?


5. Every Punjabi household has a separate washing machine to make lassi

Remember the blink-and-miss lassi making scene from Jab We met towards the end credits? There is no denying that Punjabis love lassi but do they actually make it in a washing machine. It is not an everyday activity but if you don’t believe me, there is a video on YouTube which will satisfy your doubts.


6. Punjabis can break out into a Bhangra dance anytime

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Punjabis know how to party and bhangra is just a bi-product of it. It’s not true that all they can do is bhangra, but it definitely it is their go-to step. It is a real talent to perform the same step on any and every song, one which I need to adopt.


7. Punjabis can’t stay off ghee and milk

Whether it is ghee, milk or any other dairy product, they are all a must in a Punjabi family, so no they can’t stay away from it. Desi ghee and butter does enhance the taste of their food, so who in their sane mind would not use them?


8. All Punjabis love Honey Singh

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When Honey Singh was on the rise, almost every Punjabi youngster would be crooning to his music but now, not as much. And this is like saying that all Gujarati’s love Sanjay Leela Bhansali.


9. Punjabis swear a lot

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Okay, that is true. As sweet as Punjabis are, they will swear when they are happy and even if they aren’t. Majorly it is not a malicious thing for them but a way they like to profess their likeness, fondness or anger towards someone, like almost everytime.


10. Punjabis are huge foodies

Punjabis love their food and they have an appetite which not everybody possess or emulate. They are food lovers and can annihilate an item they love. Seriously, what is wrong in that?


11. Punjabi people are too loud

So, this a fact. They can be loud and awfully noisy but are definitely a bunch of friendly people. Most Punjabis have a thick voice and a heavy baritone, so I guess, they are just trying make use of what they have.


12. Punjabis are happy all the time

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That is partly true. They are a happy bunch of people and are always entertaining and sweet. But you wouldn’t want to anger a Punjabi because that would not be pretty, I am quite confident.


13. Punjabis eat only parathas for breakfast

I know parathas are often synonymous with Punjabis, but that doesn’t mean it is all they eat for breakfast. By the way, eating an authentic aloo paratha with ghee might tempt you to start off your day with it on a regular basis.


14. All Punjabi aunties are busy doing “shaadi ki setting”

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Bollywood has contributed in this myth becoming popular and rightly so. Punjabi aunties can have a bunch of rishtas ready for you if you are an eligible ‘Munda’ or a ‘Kudi’, so beware if you aren’t ready to tie the knot yet.


15. Punjabis are fond of showing off

That is partly true. If you have it, why wouldn’t you flaunt it; is probably something they do believe in. Dressing up for kittie parties and showing off a new dress, car or jewellery is something Punjabis revel in.


16. Whichever language they speak, Punjabi’s cannot lose their accent

Well, five-seconds into a conversation you will know if the person in front of you is a Punjabi or not. Irrespective of whether they speak in English or Hindi, the Punjabi within them will not completely go away.


17. Punjabis are not fond of anybody who isn’t a fellow Punjabi

That is not true. In fact, Punjabis are welcoming and will try to make you feel comfortable. There is also a myth that Punjabis especially don’t like south Indians, again not true.