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Signs you are a true Bollywood Buff


Do you show signs of a true blue Bollywood buff? If you’re somebody who eats, drinks and sleeps Bollywood then you’re suffering from filmy mania. You’re truly that die-hard fan who finds comfort in Bollywood when all the logic and hypotheses seem to fail in your life.


From keeping yourself updated with latest Bollywood gossip and controversies to choosing peppy songs for your friend’s wedding, you absolutely love to become the centre of attraction in every party with your crazy filmy antics. Here are a few symptoms of a true Bollywood buff.


1. You remember dialogues better than Chemistry formulae

SRK sad dialogue Devdas paro ne kaha sharab chhod do

Every time there is a dramatic scene happening in your life, you’re always ready with your own Bollywood philosophy which you’ve derived from dialogues you learned by heart. And your family is like, ‘Beta, itne ache se Chemistry ke formulae yaad kiye hote to aaj tum kuch aur hi hote.’


2. You’re the drama king/queen of your group

jacqueline and manish funny pic

You love improvising filmy characters while hanging with your friends’ group and entertain them with the cheesy lines of various Hindi films.


3. You always sync your life with some background music

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Be it drenching in rain or dreaming about your crush, you always sync your life’s activities with some or the other background music. Oh, and those melodramatic expressions come as bonus.


4. You celebrate your star’s birthday more joyously than your own

amitabh bachchan birthday

You might forget your relatives’ birthdays but you never miss out celebrating your favourite star’s birthday. Sometimes people also call you crazy but at the end of the day, who really cares!


5. You dream to marry your favourite actor/actress

SRK romancing with fan on TKSS

Admit it! Every Bollywood buff has dreamt of dating his favourite actor/actress in some or the other point of his life. Such is the craziness that you also tend to compare your partner’s features and qualities with these stars.


6. You’ve watched your favourite films at least 10 times

top movies of all time

Be it DDLJ or K2H2, you’ve watched your favourite films at least 10 times and you love to boast about it amongst your friends.


7. You know all the trending dance steps

Kangana Ranaut thumka

When at weddings or parties, you automatically become the choreographer because you know all the latest Bollywood dance moves step by step.


8. You promote your favourite star’s movie like your own

deepika padukone vin diesel selfie with fans

You might have left your project surveys unfinished but you know all the fundas to promote your favourite star’s films on the internet. Not only this, you also keep a tab on the film’s box-office records too!


9. You address your favourite celebrities with respect

sushmita gif

You hate to call your favourite star by his/her name. If you’re a Salman Khan fan, you call him Bhai. If you’re Amitabh Bachchan’s fan, you term him Big B, etc. How nice! And your teachers thought that you didn’t have any good manners at all.


10. You desperately wait for Fridays to go first-day-first-show

You come under that mixed category of fan and critic who waits every Friday to watch and review your favourite movies on the box office. You love to give reviews yourself and hate any kind of spoilers shared on social media.


11. You love watching and sharing Bollywood memes

Bollywood-Memes-of-Anil-KapoorAnd last but not the least, you are crazy about making and sharing Bollywood memes for no reason. In fact, it is one of the major reasons you surf social media sites.