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Vidya Balan on Sexism in Bollywood: Shocking Revelations


Sexism in Bollywood is not just about facing the casting couch or being asked for sexual favours. A fancier vanity van, a bigger paycheck, a better hotel room, more space in the movie poster or more influence on the producer – these are just some of the things that male actors in Bollywood get more than their female counterparts. Watch the video below and find out the small yet shocking revelations that Vidya Balan makes about how she faced sexism in Bollywood.

😲😲 Listen to Vidya Balan open up about how she faced sexism in Bollywood. The actress also spoke about the struggles she faced in her initial acting days and how her family’s support has helped her reached where she is right now ❤️❤️

Posted by Voompla on Friday, November 10, 2017

These seemingly small things amount for sexism in a very big way. In the current age of the Harvey Weinstein’s and Kevin Spacey’s, these issues have only become more important and debate is only going to get hotter.


1. I used to be extremely angry: Vidya Balan on sexism in Bollywood

Vidya mentions how she used to get extremely angry when she would be told by producers to adjust her dates around those of the lead actor, even if she had other projects being shot simultaneously. Can you believe, that?? Being sarcastic in the interview, Vidya also goes on to talk about how “HE” – the male lead, would get a bigger van or a better hotel. Eeeeks!

BTW, Anushka Sharma too has been vocal about how the male star in one of her movies was given a better hotel room than her.


2. Apko story sunna hai? : Vidya on how an actress is treated

What the hell! Of course, story sunna hai – that was Vidya’s apt reply to the makers who asked her if she really wanted to bother hearing the movie’s story before signing it. Like really? How else was she supposed to decide? By looking at the clothes she was going to wear? Haan… maybe that was what the producers really expected.


3. You have to look younger: Vidya on what people told her about the shelf life of a Bollywood actress

Firstly, the nation needs to thank Vidya Balan for making the saree sexy again, for not bothering to look younger and being least bothered about looking thin. In the above video, Vidya talks about how others constantly told her that an actress’s shelf life in Bollywood is short and that she had to look young all the time. This is the reason she got confused about her image and ended up doing movies like Kismet Konnection and Hey Baby.

But then the real Vidya took over. She slipped into clothing that suited her, flaunted her voluptuous curves and signed roles that did more justice to her talent. What happened then? She gave us hits like Paa, The Dirty Picture, Kahaani and No One Killed Jessica.


4. Vidya on being called bad luck and loosing 11 Malayalam movies

Losing 11 movies? Why? Because she brought bad luck? Is this even the 21st century? Well, the reality is that this happened. When Vidya started off in a Mollywood movie starring Mohanlal, she was told that she was bad luck. This was because Mohanlal has a problem with the director because of which the movie got shelved midway. Now the interesting thing is the duo has previously given 8 superhits movie together – so what was the aberration this time? The jinx called Vidya Balan.


5. Deep faith in myself and family kept me going relentlessly: Vidya Balan

So how does a person dust off their shoulders after falling so hard? For Vidya, it was the deep faith in herself and the universe, and her family members who supported her to go on every day.

Through the media interaction, she even speaks about a Sai Baba mandir in Chembur where she used to go every day and cry bucket loads for not being able to achieve what she wanted. Guys, her story is so relatable… haven’t we all done this at some point?


6. The hunger in me as an actor did not leave me: Vidya on her passion

You might have heard thousands of inspirational stories where successful people talk about the importance of passion, commitment…. blah blah blah…. But Vidya’s story is as real as it gets! It was only and only her passion for acting that made her keep going against all odds.

A girl from a middle class Keralite family, living in Chembur, having studied at St. Xavier’s College gets rejected and replaced in 11 movies, has no Bollywood godfather, later lands Parineeta as her debut movie… and the rest as they say, is history.

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