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Monday, November 20, 2017

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Bollywood Overload

Bollywood Candid and Unseen Pics: Actresses and Actors Candid Photos

Candid photos of Bollywood actresses, actors and celebrities are hard to find. Unseen moments make for the best memories. Everyone likes to pose to...

Words to Heal Your Soul

Javed Akhtar’s Best Shayaris

Javed Akhtar's best shayaris are the kind that will go straight to your heart. His Hindi and Urdu lines are insightful and they reflect...

Bashir Badr Shayaris

Movie Dialogues

Race & Race 2 Dialogues and Quotes

The dialogues of Race (2008) and its sequel Race 2 (2016) are the quintessential Hindi movie seeti-maar type lines. Whether it is Saif Ali...