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Bobby Deol fans! Fan moments and selfies with Lord Bobby

Bobby Deol’s fan following is a different vibe altogether. Our cameras have seen female fans give Bobby chocolates and kisses, guys touching his feet, girl rushing in to take selfies when he’s in his car, uncles and aunties coming in for selfies at the airport – Bobby Deol’s fan nickname is Lord Bobby and we can kinda see why.

Some of Bobby Deol’s old song and dance scenes from his movies are a meme fest on social media. Fans have lapped up even all the cringe moves from the 90s and the 2000s. Bobby Deol’s fans have given him quite a few nicknames. Some call themselves ‘Bobians’ while some call him Lord Bobby. Here’s a look at some of everyday Bobby Deol’s fan moments out on the streets of Tinsel Town.

Female fan gives Bobby Deol a heart-shaped box of chocolates

A normal everyday outing for Bobby turned into quite the moment. A female fan rushed in and said “Main Punjabi, Tussi Punjabi” after which she shook his hand and gave him a hug. She even got a gift – heart-shaped box of chocolates for him! Later, she shook his hand again and kissed it. Lord Bobby seemed quite lost for words and couldn’t stop smiling as the fan moment unfolded.

Fans touch Bobby Deol’s feet

Some intense fans moments unfolded at Sunny Super Sound when a few guys came up to Bobby Deol and literally touched his feet. Bobby was taken by surprise and had the ‘Don’t know where to look’ expression on his face at the deep fan love he was getting. He gave the guy a hug and took selfies with him. The guy’s friend did the same.

These moments happened at Sunny Super Sound. For all you non-Mumbai peeps, Sunny Super Sound is a studio in Juhu owned by the Deol family.

Animal style Bobby Deol fan moment at the airport

Bobby Deol was about to head into the airport to catch a flight out, when boys from another camera team asked to take pictures with him. Fresh off the success of Animal, Bobby Deol had a full-on Bollywood moment as he called them in for pictures. The boys were super happy!

Endless line of Bobby Deol fans at the airport

Girls and boys, uncles and aunties – everyone rushed in to take selfies with Bobby Deol at the airport. He had just landed back in Mumbai, and was making the trek from the terminals to the car park. Bobby was quite literally gheraoed by fans at every step of the way. He patiently waited every couple of steps so that everyone could have their precious selfie with Lord Bobby.

Bobby Deol rolls down his car window for a fan selfie

It’s not every day that a celebrity rolls down their car window to take a selfie with a fan. But hey, Lord Bobby for a reason. He was spotted heading home after an outing, about to drive off when a fan came rushing in for a selfie. Bobby rolled his window down and took a picture with the fan.

Bobby Deol with his family – wifey Tanya Deol and son Aryaman

While we wrap this Bobby Deol fan diary, closing it with candid moments of Lord Bobby with wifey Tanya Deol and their son Aryaman. The troika were seen making their way into a movie screening at the Jio World Plaza!