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Zanai Bhosle: Asha Bhosle’s granddaughter

Zanai Bhosle is Asha Bhosle’s granddaughter. Her parents’ names are Anuja and Anand Bhosle. Her father is Asha Bhosle’s son. Just like her grandmother, Zanai is also an artist and a singer.

Zanai and Asha Bhosle are often seen together – whether at film events or at family night outs. These moments are from when Zanai came with Asha Bhosle at a movie premiere.

Did you know, Asha Bhosle once spoke about her journey and also revealed the advice that she had given to Zanai if she wanted to become a singer. She had reportedly said “I never thought that I would become a playback singer, I became one due to circumstances. But the music was in me. Kaam koi bhi ho, mehnat zaroori hai, uske bina koi kaam hota nahi hai. Even today I do riyaaz every morning. If I am unable to sleep at night, I do my riyaaz even at 2am. Only I do it a bit softly so that others are not disturbed. I tell my granddaughter (Zanai Bhosle) that if she wants to get into singing or acting, she has to immerse herself completely in the work that she wants to do,”

These moments are from when Zanai Bhosle had come to Prithvi Theathre in Juhu for a book launch event. She was seen chatting with Jackie Shroff.

Zanai’s father Anand Bhosle is Asha Bhosle’s second son. She reportedly lost her elder son to cancer in 2015, while her daughter Varsha Bhosle passed away by suicide in 2012. In an earlier interview, Zanai’s father Anand Bhosle once reportedly spoke about how it was being Asha Bhosle’s son. He had revealed that the family ensured that they had a very ‘normal childhood’ while growing up.